Hidayat Aliyev

Aliyev Hidayat, son of Jahangir, was born in 1998 in the city of Baku. From 2008 to 2015, he studied solo singing-vocal and wind instrument - oboe at the Bulbul Music School. He graduated with honors in vocal. In 2015-2019, he continued his education at the Baku Music Academy named after Uzeyir Hajibayli. There he studied the basics of acting in the classes of People's Artist Shafiga Mammadova, and vocal in the courses of People's Artist Natavan Sheykhova, and completed the course of both artists (100 points) with honors.

During his studies at school and the Academy, he participated in numerous state events, national competitions, and festivals, and won laureate. After winning first place in one of the games held in our country in 2011, he performed at the Art Olympiad in Turkey with the participation of 135 countries. He was awarded the III "Bronze" medal of the Asian continent. During his studies at the Baku Music Academy (in his third year), he played the role of Flavo in the opera "Norma" (Vincenzo Bellini), a joint project of the Ministry of Culture and the Baku Music Academy. He attracted the attention of the audience with his successful performance.

In 2019, the vocal artist began working as a soloist in the Russian section of the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater. 

His debut role in the theater was the role of Gregory in Victor Hugo's play "Dedication to the Church of Notre Dame in Paris" (directed by S. Gulamov). Later, he portrayed Arif in the operetta "Caucasian niece" based on the music of Rauf Hajiyev. He is currently rehearsing for other performances.

He will play the role of Seyit in Chingiz Ayitmatov's "Jamila." He will play Ali's role in Rauf Hajiyev's operetta "When Fates Meet" and Bahram in "Once upon a time in Baghdad."