Amrah Dadashov

Dadashov Amrah- son of  Balakhan was born on March 14, 1991, in Baku. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts in 2016 with a degree in Actor field and has been working as a vocal artist-soloist at the Musical Theater since March 1, 2015. During his time in the theater, he participated in various performances. He was Baladadash in "Baladadash's Wedding" (Elchin), Singer in "Husband and Wife" (Uzeyir Hajibeyli), Sarkis in "Haji Gara" (MF. Akhundzade), Forest-guard in "Red hat" (E. Sabitoglu, Y. Schwarz) "Forest can not be without jackal" (Ali Samedli) Woodcutter in "The naughty craps" (O. Zulfugarov, Roger Hayward), Captain Nick in "Peter Pen" (The Crimean Brothers and C. Barry).