Samaya Musayeva

Samaya Musayeva was born on November 1, in Gakh district in 1944. She graduated from the Azerbaijan State Institute of Art, the Musical Comedy Act department. The actress began her career at the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater after graduation. She has been filmed in many television shows and movies. During her carrier the talented actress has managed very skillfully to create interesting images at these performances: "Gülər” at "Congratulations” by F. Amirov, "Dancing Teacher” at "Beggar son of millionaire Father” by S. Alasgarov, "Bally” at "Golden Wedding” by O. Kazimov, "Gulkhanim” at "Have bachelors” by S. Alasgarov, " Khurma” at "Everyone has own star” by S. Alasgarov, "Lale” at " Crane” by S.Rustam, "Malak” at " Young at Fifty years old” by Z.Hajibayov, "Salbi” at "Bride for 5 pounds” by S.Rustam, "Ceyran” at "Banker Fiancé” by E. Sabitoglu,  "Thanks” at " Lover with Volga” by R.Mustafayev, "Rugiya” at "Temporary pleasure marriage” by S.Farajov. The actress was nominated the Honored Artist in 2000.