Sevinj Mammadova

Sevinj (daughter of Nizami) Mammadova was born in Baku in 1980, graduated from the piano department of the 33rd Children's Music School in 1995. She completed her secondary education in 1997. In 1994-95, she became the laureate of the "7-17 Morning Dawn" (AzTV) children's competition. Until 1997, she was a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Children's Philharmonic. During those years, she represented Azerbaijan at various festivals and competitions in Scotland, Cyprus, Turkey's Istanbul, Ankara, Agsheher, Konya, and other countries and cities. From 1997 to 2001, she studied "Cultural Studies" at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.

In the year 2000, she was accepted as a ballet artist at the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater. During her tenure as a ballet artist at the theater, she participated in many performances. She was the main performer of several dance roles in a number of performances.

Since 2004, Sevinj Mammadova has been working as a director's assistant and has been involved in the preparation of various performances. During this time, she has directed performances such as "The Sleeping Beauty and the Thieves" (S. Pero), "Arshin mal alan" (U. Hajibayli), "The Baladadash’s Bathhouse" (Elchin), "If not this one then this one" (U. Hajibayli), "Waiting for Godot" (S. Beckett, F. Karayev), "Silva" (I. Kalman), "The 999th Night" (based on the music of F. Amirov), "Buratino" (A. Rybnikov and A. Tolstoy), "The Little Princess" (A.S. Exupery and R.A. Agababyev), "The Musicians of Bremen and Pen" (A. Sadigov), "The Red Hat" (E. Sabitoglu and Y. Schwartz), and "The Cake" (E. Hajiyev).