Tamilla Aslanova

Tamilla Aslanova – daughter of Nadir was born on February 12, 1975 in Baku. In 1991 she was accepted to Baku Local Industrial Technical College and successfully graduated in 1995. She entered faculty of "Collective Theater Director” at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art in 1998 and graduated from the same university in 2003. She joined Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre in 2009. She was director assistant at "Golden Dwarf”, "Thumbelina”, "The Impostures of Scapin”, "Husband and wife”, "Khanuma”, "Playing a happy family game or French Garner”, "The  day before the wedding”, "Gold Wedding”, "American Son - in - Law”, "Red Hat”, "Once upon a time in Baghdad”, "Mollah Nasraddin’s 5 spouses”, "Caucasian niece”, "Forest cannot be without jackal”