Telli Panahgizi

Telli Panahgizi was born on May 24, 1954 in "Great Vedi” village of Vedibasar district of Western Azerbaijan. After graduating from village secondary school, she studied at the journalism faculty of the Azerbaijan State University (1971-1976). She began her career as a small editor in the editorial youth office of Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. She worked as head of department at "Screen of the Day” editorial office, deputy of chief editor, vice- chairman of information service and deputy of second program chief director. She began artistic creative carrier in the years of studentship. Her poems, stories and feature stories were published. Her works: "Double signs of life”, "Enlightenment” (Baku. 1995), "Speech with my God” (Baku 1999), "Pictures after divorce”, "There is a moonlight in your voice”, "I am Sardar – who loves you”, "There was a long and slim way” (2011). Her cinematography: "Naila” (1994), "Thousand Home Sadarak” (2004), "I am Sardar – who loves you” (2005).