Vidadi Hasanov

Vidadi Hasanov – son of Allahverdi was born on May 15, 1973 in Shusha city. In 1995 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art faculty of "Cultural and educational work” and specialty of "Theater Collectives Directory”. In 1994 he entered the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater as a stage technician. Since 1995, he has been working as a director-assistant. During his carrier he has managed "Have bachelors” (I.Malikzadeh, Suleyman Alasgarov) (director: Yashar Nuri), "Bride for 5 pounds” (Said Rustamov, Mammad Said Ordubadi) (director: Siyavush Aslan), "Filumena Marturano” (Eduardo de Filippo) (director: Jannat Salimova), "Memorial Prayer” (M. Gluza, G. Karin) (director: Jannat Salimova),”Merry diner at the weekend” (J.Puaro) (director: Jannat Salimova), "Aunt Masma is my uncle” (Ramiz Mustafayev, Jahangir Mammadov) (directed by Adalat Ziyadkhanov), "Red Hat” (Emin Sabitoghlu, Y.Shvarch) (directed by Boris Grafkin), "Thumbelina” (H.C.Anderson) (directed by Boris Lukinski), "Laughing is forbidden” (Rafig Samandar) (directed by Yusif Akbarov) performances. He was director assistant at "Young at fifty years old” (Z.Hajibayov) (directed by Siyavush Aslan), "It is our matter” (Suleyman Alasgarov, Shikhali Gurbanov) (directed by Siyavush Aslan), "Gold Wedding” (Oktay Kazimov, Ramiz Heydar) (directed by Yusif Akbarov), "Everyone has his own star” (S.Alasgarov, I.Malikzadeh) (directed by Yusif Akbarov), "Rose” (Sultan Hajibeyov, Maharram Alizadeh) (directed by Siyavush Aslan), "Fun with the thousand dollars” (Emin Sabitoghlu, Jahangir Mammadov) (directed by Adalat Ziyadkhanov), "Once upon a time In Baghdad” (Emin Sabitoghlu, Vladimir Kalmanovski) (directed by Jannat Salimova), "The Gypsy Princess” (E.Kalman) (directed by Boris Lukinski), "The Gypsy Band Leader”, "The Gypsy Princess” and "Countess Maritza” (E.Kalman) (directed by Jannat Salimova), "The Merry Widow” (Franz Lehar) (directed by Jannat Salimova), "Mad Gasskonet” (Gara Garayev) (directed by Jannat Salimova), "If not that one then this one” (U.Hajibayli) (directed by Jannat Salimova), "Goodbye” (Emin Sabitoghlu, Rufat Ahmadzade) (directed by Adalat Ziyadkhanov), My cheerful heart” (Emin Sabitoglu, Khalida Hasilova) (directed by Yusif Akbarov), "Love on the stage” (Sardar Farajov, Ali Amirli) (directed by Yusif Akbarov), "Temporary pleasure marriage” (Sardar Farajov, Rashad Nuri Guntakin) (directed by Yusif Akbarov), "Banker Fiancé” (E.Sabitoghlu, T.Valiyeva) (directed by Faig Zohrabov), "When Fates comes together” (Rauf Hajiyev, Faig Zohrabov) (directed by Faig Zohrabov), "Love game” (J.Guliyev, G. Rasulov) (directed by Faig Zohrabov), If you get your share call your uncle” (V.Adigozalov, Anar) (directed by Faig Zohrabov). He also participated in the events held in the theater, assisted Gulchohra Shafiyeva, Vagif Ibrahimoghlu, Hafiz Guliyev, Alexander Sharovski and other directors. Since 2006 he has been head of Russian department .He successfully delivered many performances such as: "Just wait” (Rena Aghayeva, Arkadly Khayt) (director Ahad Hajiyev, April 29, 2006), "The Yankee Princess” (E.Kalman) (director Jannat Salimova, December 21, 2007), "Adventures of rainbow mushroom” (R. Shafag, V. Zimin) (directed by Boris Grafkin, 17 May 2008), "Arshin Mal Alan” (U.Hajibayov) (director Elvin Mirzayev, October 11, 2009), "Playing a Happy Family Game or French Garner” (Mark Kamoletti) (director Asgar Asgarov, October 1, 2011), ), "” and "Fun with Ten thousand Dollars” (Emin Sabitoghlu, Jahangir Mammadov) (directed by Ahad Hajiyev, May 21, 2012), "Kimyager” (S.Karimli, E.Ol) (dedicated to the 200th anniversary of M.F.Akhunzada, directed by Bahram Osmanov on June, 8th, 2012), "The Impostures of Scapin” (J.B.Molyer) (directed by Asgar Asgarov, January 22, 2013). V.Hasanov also has been leading Azerbaijan department since January 1, 2012.