Aliyeva Tarana

Aliyeva Tarana - daughter of Bayram was born on 29 November 1963 in Mingachevir. She graduated from the Vocal faculty of Music Academy. On 23rd of September, 1997 she started working as a choir actress at the Azerbaijan Music Theater. Her voice timbre is soprano. She took part in "If not that one then this one”, "Banker Fiancé”, "When fates come together”, "Lover with Volga”, "The Gypsy Princess”, "Baydulla’s amazing wedding”, "Mad Gasskonet”, "If you get your share call your uncle”, "Fun with Ten Thousand Dollars”, "My cheerful heart”, "Crazy World”, ”Caliphate for a day”, "Laughing is forbidden”, "It’s impossible to live without women”,  "Aunt Masma is my uncle”, "Goodbye”, "Love on the stage”, "Love Game”,  "Red Hat”, "Keep your hands in your pocket”, "Everyone’s own star”, "The devil Anniversary”.