Atayev Fakhraddin

Atayev Fakhraddin – son of Gahraman  was born in 1972 in Baku. F. Atayev started his career in 1988 as a musician at the culture house of Azerbaijan Deaf Union. He was called to the military service between 1990-1992 years and served as a chief musician at the military orchestra. F. Atayev graduated from the Baku Music Academy in 1993-1999 with a master's degree in conductor. F. Atayev graduated from the Baku Music Academy in 1993-1999 with a master's degree in conductor. His profession teachers were Yusif Akhundzadeh and Yalchin Adigozalov. From 1993 to 1988 he worked as a concertmaster of cor group at the Azerbaijan State Bluster Instrumentation Orchestra and became the conductor of the orchestra in 1988-2014. He has performed with Azerbaijan State Bluster Instrumental Orchestra at the highest level state events. Among them there was the opening of world famous musician Mistislav Rostropovich’s father Leopold Rostropovich house museum in 2001 and within in the scope "Uzeyir Music Day” in 2002 he conducted State Capella for overtures of "Stand up nation”, "Koroghlu” operas of U. Hajibayli and "RV-8” anthem of M.Magamoyev. Two of these works was orchestrated by F. Atayev in a short period. In 1999-2004 years he was the conductor of the State Dance Ensemble of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic named after M.Magamoyev. During this period he has been a participant of numerous public events and concert dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the State Dance Ensemble. In 1999, he made his first debut at the Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theater with the opera "Ashugh Garib” by Z.Hajibayov. Between 2000-2004 years he worked as a conductor of symphonic orchestra of the Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theater. Since 2004 he has been leading "orchestral class” at the conductor faculty of Azerbaijan National Conservatory. He is a senior tutor at the Conservatory. He is author of methodological studies and teaching materials on the subjects of symphonic orchestra instruments and conductor. His scientific articles on musical and folklore studies are periodically published in "Military Knowledge”, "Studies”, "Gobustan”, "Dede Gorgud” and other magazines. He is a participant of international conferences. For the first time F. Atayev proposed creating an orchestra of "National Woodwind Instrument” and for 3 months  he create an orchestra consist of 21 persons attached to State Conservatory also presented a concert program. Since 2007 he has been working as conductor of "Niyazi” symphonic orchestra of Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Closed Joint Stock Company. During this period, as a conductor he participated in the recording of the symphonic and choral works of many Azerbaijani and foreign composers. F. Atayev has been working as a choirmaster at the choral collective of State Song and Dance Ensemble named after F. Amirov in Azerbaijan State Philharmonic named after M.Magamoyev since 2010. During this period, he re-furbishes the collective's repertoire and made ready ten folk and composer song for choir. In 2010, F. Atayev wrote a scenario of the concert play "Novruz” and prepared it with the collective of Song and Dance Ensemble named after F. Amirov. During his carrier he was conductor at "Arshin Mal Alan”, "If not that one, then this one” (U.Hajibayov), "The neighbors” (R.Hajiyev), "The Impostures”, "Everyone has his own star” (S.Alasgarov), "Gold Wedding” (Oktay Kazimi), "Banker Fiancé”, "Red Hat” (E.Sabitoghlu), "Jealous Hearts” (R.Mirishli), "Keep your hands in your pocket” (O.Rajabov), "The Gypsy Band Leader” (E.Kalman). In addition, by the order of Azerbaijan State Music Theater the composer prepared "Searching for you”, "Reyhan”, "Wedding song”, "The night has passed”, "What I have done” songs (by F.Amirov) for the symphonic orchestra for the new performance on the basis of the "1001 Night” tale (director Irada Gozalova). He has also been a participant in several contests as a composer. In 1996 he was awarded the third place prize winner of the "Patriotic Anthem” competition organized by Azerbaijan Radio and Television Closed Joint Stock Company and the title of diploma winner of the "Golden Anthem” competition organized by ANS Group of Companies and National Hero Chingiz Mustafayev Foundation in 2004. F. Atayev wrote overture ballade of "In the Olympics” for the symphonic orchestra, choral and soloists in 2007. It was written for mass choreographic sport performances, submitted to the National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan Republic and received a positive opinion. He was awarded with a special certificate signed by the head of National Olympic Committee in 2007. F. Atayev has been the conductor of the symphonic orchestra at the Azerbaijan State Music Theater since 2010.