Alili Gultac

Alili Gultac – daughter of Muzaffar was born on July 1, 1987 in the Ganja city. In 2005 she entered to the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art, Faculty of Theater Acting and graduated in 2009. Since 2007 she has been working as a vocalist soloist at the Azerbaijan State Musical Theater. She masterly participated in the number of works – "Leyla” at "Jealous Hearts" (R. Mirishli, M.Hagverdiyev), "Khayala” at "The Devil's Anniversary" (O. Rajabov, A. Babayev), "Neighbor Girl” at "Beggar son of millionaire Father” (S. Alasgarov, Sh.Gurbanov),”Zari” at "The Gypsy Band Leader” (E.Kalman), "Reyhan” at "American Son-in-law” (R. Mirishli and M. Hagverdiyev), "Asmar”  at "Keep your hands in your pocket” (O.Rajabov, A.Babayev), "Chichak”  ” at "The fraudsters” (S.Alasgarov, I.Malikzadeh), "Gulnaz” at "If not that one then this one” (U.Hajibayov), "Bahar” at "Who is the guilty?” (A. Hagverdiyev).