Aligismat Lalaev

Aligismat Lalayev – the son of Hummat Lalayev, was born in 1956. He graduated from Azerbaijan State Art and Cultural University with an honorary degree from the Department of Directing. As a young director, he worked for eight years at Nakhchivan State Drama Theater named after Jalil Mammadguluzadeh. In 1988 he returned his native city Salyan and worked for the local newspaper "Victory” as Executive Secretary for a while then worked as head of the cultural department of the city. He moved to Baku in 1993. He became Deputy Director of Philharmonic named after Muslim Mamgomayev. In the next 11 years, he worked as a chief of the Art department of the Ministry Culture, after the structural change in the ministry he was assigned the head of Art Department of Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In 2008 on the 6th of May, according to the order of the Minister of Azerbaijan Culture and Tourism – Abulfaz Garayev, he was appointed the Director of Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre named after Shikhali Gurbanov. Aligismat Lalayev is Honored Art Figure, a candidate for History of Art, author of "Azerbaijan-Central Asian Theater Relations.” Aligismat Lalayev is the first actor who played in the role of great Azerbaijan poet Huseyn Javid on the stage for the first time. The young actor created an image of the philosopher-poet in "My God is beauty, love” play at Nakhchivan Poetry Theatre in 1982. He also played masterly in various performances of Rasul Rza and Abbas Sahhat. He acted as "Antonio” in Italian dramaturge Paolo Messina’s "Silence wall” and also in "Electra” tragedy by Suffolk as "Orest.” At the next level of his creative career, the young actor was known mostly as a director. He directed dozens of performances at Nakhchivan State Drama Theater. He led "The First and Last” by John Galsworthy, "Destroyed Country” by T William, "Cylinder” by E. De Flippo, "Hicran” musical comedy by E. Sabitoglu and Sabit Rahman, "Mother”, " The Abyss” by H. Javid, " Astana” psychological drama by A. Dudarev, "Kishmish Game” and " Kamancha” by Jalil Mammadguluzadeh. A. Lalyev’s "Mother” tragedy was included in the Gold Fund of Azerbaijan Television and is periodically displayed on screens. He is also the author of several books.