Akbar Alizada

Alizada Akbar son of Muzaffar was born on May 23, 1977 in Baku. He studied at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art in the faculty of "Drama-Theater and Cinema” in 1998. He graduated with master degree about "History of Art” in 2000 from the same university. He served in the Internal Troops between 2000-2001 years. Since 1994 she has been working as a ballet artist at the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater. During this time he played in the dance chirography of these: "Filumena Marturano” by Faraj Garayev, Eduardo De Filippo, "Gold Wedding” by Oktay Kazimov, Ramiz Heydar, "Rose” by Sultan Hajibeyov, Maharram Alizadeh, "Fun with the thousand dollars” by Emin Sabitoghlu, Jahangir Mammadov, "Once upon a time In Baghdad” by Emin Sabitoghlu, Vladimir Kalmanovski, ""The Gypsy Band Leader” and "The Gypsy Princess” by E.Kalman. He became actor in 1998. In his acting carrier in the thathre became creator of interesting images in many works.  "Elgun” at "Aunt Masma is my uncle” by Ramiz Mustafayev, Javanshir Mammadov, "Mushtard” at "The Gypsy Band Leader " by E. Kalman, "St. Brioche” at "The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehar,  "Gasskonet” at "Mad Gasskonet” by Gara Garayev, "Hammachi and Intelligent Hasan” at "If not that one then this one” by U.Hajibayli, "Khalil” at "Temporary pleasure marriage” by S.Farajov, Rashad Nuri Guntakin, "Balakishi” at "Banker Fiancé” by E.Sabitoghlu, T.Valiyeva, "Targaldi” at "If you get your share call your uncle” by V.Adigozalov, Anar, "Khankishi” at "Keep your hands in your pocket” by O.Rajabov, A.Babayev, "Tamada, "Zaka” at "Lost Husband” by Javanshir Guliyev, Ali Amirli, "Suleyman” at "Arshin Mal Alan” by U.Hajibayli, "Jalil” at "American Son-in-law” by R. Mirishli, M.Hagverdiyev, "Ajdar” at "Jealous Hearts” by Ramiz Mirishli, Marat Hagverdiyev, "Rza” at "Whereas I am old, I am worth to thousand young” by F. Sujaddinov, T. Valiyeva, "Safi” at "Husband and Wife” by U.Hajibayli, "Molla Hamid” at "Kimyager” by S. Karimi, E.Ol. He has played in the role of "Shiruyya” at "Farhad and Shirin” by Samad Vurghun at Azerbaijan Academic National Drama Theatre in 1997. Between 1994 and 2000 years he worked in the Baku Camera Theatre which was under management of Jannat Saliomva. In this period he performed at "The Impostures of Scapin” by J.B.Molyer as "Leondr”, "Road to Mecca” as "Pilgrim” by J. Mammadguluzadeh, "Othello" as "Ludovico” by William Shakespeare, "Khirs Guldurbasan” as "Mister Fok” by M.F. Akhundov, "Darvish Mastali Shah" as "Gulamali” by M.F. Akhundov, "Lenkoran’s khan vizier” as "Petitioner” by M.F. Akhundov. Since 1995 he is an active presenter of state-level concerts and events. In 2000-2006, he also held position of presenter at the State Philharmonic Society. He was the presenter of "Meloman" program in 2003, "Azeristar" competition on "Space" channel in 2006-2007. Since 2006 he is both actor and presenter of the Theater of the Planet KVN. He was the TV presenter of "Comedy Scene" and "Comedy Star” competition on "Khazar" TV in 2008. He is the presenter of "Every Morning” program on Space TV since January 2011. He appeared in "Mother in Law” TV show produced by Khazar TV. The actor starred in "Tunes of my Life” as "Man with grey shirt” (2003), "An Egg” as "Shamil” (2003), "Prize” as "Guitar” (2004), "Protect Men” as "Orkhan's Friend” (2006). He was rewarded with Presidential Prize in 2008 and Honored Artist in 2009.