The memory of Ramiz Mirishli was commemorated at the Academic Musical Theater

In connection with the 90th anniversary of Ramiz Mirishli, an outstanding composer, People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the unforgettable artist's play "American Groom" was shown at the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater.

After the performance of the play, Honored artist Akbar Alizade informed the audience about the composer's life and work, and spoke about his contributions to Azerbaijani culture.

  Later, People's Artist Ilham Namig Kemal shared his memories of Ramiz Mirishli and emphasized that he also played in the operetta "Jealous Hearts" in addition to this stage play.

Marat Hagverdiyev, the author of the work, Honored Culture Worker, and and son of Ramiz Mirishli, composer Nazim Mirishli also participated in play.

This play, which has been on stage since May 29, 2010 and has a special place in the theater's repertoire, is organized and directed by People's Artist Ilham Namig Kamal, organized and conducted by Honored Art Worker Nazim Hajialibeyov, organized and decorated by Honored Artist Nabat Samadova, choreographed by Honored Artists Zakir Aghayev and Leyla Aghayeva, the author of the poems is the People's Poet Fikret Goca, the choirmaster is the Honored Artist Vagif Mastanov, the conductor is the Honored Art Worker Fakhreddin Atayev.

At the 66th performance of the play, People's Artist Ilham Namik Kemal, Honored Artists Igrar Salamov, Akbar Alizadeh, actors Rasmiyya Nurmammadova, Gulchohra Abdullayeva, Samadzade Khasiyev, Alimammad Novruzov, Gultaj Alili, Gulnara Azizova, Ruslan Mursalov, Mehriban Rajabova, Nigar Garayeva, as well as the theater's choir and ballet artists participated.

Date: 16.04.2024