Premiere at the Musical Theater on National Theater Day - "Two Witches"

As is tradition, the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater will present a new performance to theater enthusiasts in celebration of National Theater Day on March 10th. At 12:00 p.m. on the same day, the musical fairy-tale-play "Two Witches" (by A. Alizade, R. Sef, T. Karelina) will delight our young audience.

Ahad Hajiyev serves as the founding director of this play, which is presented in both our native language and Russian.

 Famous fairy-tale characters traditionally portrayed as negative are depicted in a completely different light in this production, emphasizing the importance of beautiful moral qualities such as friendship, love, and courage, amidst unexpected events.

Against a backdrop of colorful light effects and cheerful music, adventurous fairy tale heroes Dunya, Fyodor, the witch, Koshshey the Immortal, Elena the Beautiful, and a three-headed dragon will create unforgettable moments for theatergoers.

The founder conductor of the performance is Honored Artist Fakhraddin Atayev, with conductor Samad Suleymanli, founder choreographer Mahammad Abdullayev, stage designer Gabil Gozalov, costume designer Nubar Huseynova, accompanist Kamil Hasanov, and assistant director Tamilla Aslanova.

The cast includes, Honored Artist Saida Sharifaliyeva, Nijat Ali, Yuliya Heydarova, Valeriya Iskanderova, Olga Georgiyeva, Adelin Ozturk, Rauf Babayev, Leonid Klets, Ayan Gurbanova, Murad Aliyev, along with ballet artists.

Tickets for the premiere can be purchased from all centralized ticket offices in the city, "ASAN service" centers, as well as from the "" website. Group bookings are also welcomed.

It should be noted that the performance will be shown again on March 31st at 12:00 p.m

Date: 06.03.2024