Academic Musical Theater will reward the best of the 112th season

The 112th season of the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater is about to end. In this regard, there will be a solemn award ceremony at the Musical Theater on July 4 at 12:00

At the traditional award ceremony held at the end of every season since 2015, "Favorite actor of the season", "Favorite actress of the season", "Promising actor of the season", "Promising actress of the season", "Most productive actor of the season", "Most productive of the season" actress", "Friend of the theater during the season", "Best ballet dancer of the season", "Best choral artist of the season", "Best musician of the season", "Best technician of the season", "For the best performance of a male role during the season ", "For the successful performance of a female role during the season", "The most business-like employee of the season", "For the performance of the most courageous female character of the season" and other nominations will be announced.

Prizes and gifts will be presented to them.

At the ceremony, the chosen actors of the season will also be presented with the "Crystal Apple" award, founded by the family of People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Huseynagha Sadigov.

Date: 02.07.2022