My mother's book

Jalil Mammadguluzadeh





(One Act English Drama)


(Staging by I. Gozelova, translation by T. Rasulov.)




The genius playwright of Azerbaijan, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, touched on topical issues of every era in all his works. These topics resonate with today, worry us and make us think. The main theme of the great dramatist's "My Mother's Book" is the constant arguments and conflicts between the three brothers as a result of differences in language, religion, and ways of thinking.

Mother, the protagonist of the work, calls her sons to have their own national and moral values, to learn their mother tongue and to unite. Sons, on the other hand, strive to meet the demands of the modern world, as a result, they face the danger of losing their national values in the background of an environment rich in innovative technologies.

Thus, the mother begins to fight with her children. The burden of pain piercing his heart does not subside, it flares up even more, as if it turns into a strange dragon in the legends. Unfortunately, in this difficult struggle, the dragon-sized burden of pain defeats the mother.

Of course, there are many benefits of mastering new technologies and foreign languages in accordance with the requirements of our modern era, but everyone should know their native mother tongue, national values, and history. Knowing one's mother tongue is self-awareness and a sacred act.




Creative director and music composition

Irada Gozalova


Vusal Rahimov

The plastic solution of the play

Parviz Mammadrzayev (People's Artist), Zaur Aliyev

Video installation

Murad Hasanov

English tutor

Nabat Islamzade

Director Assistant

Zaur Aliyev



Roles and performers


Lala Suleymanova (Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre), Turkan Shahmarli (Baku Children's and Youth Theatre)


Huseyn Alili (Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater), Nijat Habibov (Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater)


Samadzade Khasiyev (Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater)


Zaur Aliyev (Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater)

Gulbahar, Secretary

Irana Karimova (Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater), Aygun Fatullayeva (Azerbaijan State Youth Performance Theater)


Ali Karimov (Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater)


Cafar Hasanov (Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater)


Samaya Gulamzade (Asa Theater)

War disabled, Police

Nurlan Suleymanli (Azerbaijan State Young Audience Theater)


Turkan Shahmarli (Baku Children and Youth Theater), Lala Suleymanova (Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater)