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Musical Theater addressed a survey to the audience


Musical Theater addressed a survey to the audience 


Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater has sent a new request to its virtual audience from its official social network accounts. The reason for such a survey is the growing number of virtual spectators of the theater during the quarantine days and their great interest in this ancient temple of art. 

From this point of view, the theater always presents compelling examples that have a special place and popular retro performances in its repertoire on the Facebook page, taking into account the hopes and desires of the public. It is the best way to connect the theater and the audience in the current situation, and nothing can replace live communication. The great love of the audience for the theater prompted the creative team to address them with such a request.

  Thus, the question and answer items are shown in the following order via the link:

"If our theater was open in July and August, would you like to take part in our performances?"

"Yes, I would attend,"

"No, I'm still reluctant to participate in public places," 

"No, I can't afford it."

Respondents can also write their options in the comments section.

Thus, the Academic Musical Theater invites you to express your opinion by following the link provided to participate in the survey.






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