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The staff of the Academic Musical Theater thanked Mr. Ilham Aliyev


The staff of the Academic Musical Theater thanked Mr. Ilham Aliyev 


Employees of the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater are among the recipients of the award signed by the President of the country on the awarding of individual scholarships and grants to figures of culture and art.

Director of the theater, the Honored Art Figure, Doctor of Philosophy in Art History Aligismat Lalayev, thanked Mr. Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the team for his attention and care for artists.

The well-known director and theater director expressed his gratitude to the head of state in his address:

Dear Mr. President, On behalf of the many staff of the Academic Musical Theater, I express my sincere gratitude to you. We are delighted that the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater's creative members are among the recipients of the Presidential Award by the Order you signed.

In such an uncertain and turbulent environment, at a time when humanity is facing a terrible enemy called the Coronavirus, you have not forgotten the most sensitive people in the country - the creators. When humanity is facing a thousand problems, you have once again shown your attention and care to so many artists and their families.

We also see from the foreign press that nowhere in the world, there is so much attention, care for artists. That is why our joy is boundless. We are proud to be citizens of a country called Azerbaijan. We are pleased that we have ahead of state like you, who is always close to his people, his nation, who can be the President of every Azerbaijani living around the world by his deeds, who pays special attention to creative work.

The state of care for culture, art, and science in our country has been implemented as a priority during all of the great leader Haydar Aliyev's leadership in Azerbaijan. You successfully pursue this policy of our national leader.

You always think about the welfare of the people, their peace and tranquility. These recent events, in particular, have shown how close you are to people during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

How much you suffer for each of us with your native and caring attitude. Both you and the First Vice-President of the country Mehriban Aliyeva are always with the people.

Dear President! We, all artists of the country, always support and promote your far-sighted policy. We believe that the decisions you have made, the reforms you have made, and every step you have taken for the security of our country will bear fruit in these difficult days of testing for our world, with little losses and to get out of this predicament.


We thank you once again and wish you success in your important and challenging activity.


















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