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People's Actor calls on the society

People's Actor calls on the society  


Ilham Namig Kamal: "Let's follow the rules and not break our solidarity."

"The most robust societies are those that can unite in emergencies, show solidarity, and unite closely around the state. History has shown this, as well as the destructive processes of our modern world. I consider the Azerbaijani society to be one of such stable nations, and even the events of today prove it too. In other words, our society is currently showing great solidarity against the threat of COVID-19."


People's Artist, prominent actor Ilham Namig Kamal told this to AYNA. He said that the only way in such sensitive situations is to comply with the requirements of solidarity and the common good.

"Today, the coronavirus has spread all over the world and caused great concern not only in our country but around the world. Following the process, it becomes clear that in countries where citizens comply with the bans and are firmly united around the state, the virus can be more easily localized and prevented. Otherwise, resistance to pandemics is weakened in places where there are panic and inappropriate harassment. As a prominent figure and an elder, I call on my compatriots: Do not panic, do not believe in unnecessary rumors and do not create an atmosphere of fear. Instead, keep your spirits up, and don't lose faith in yourself. It is up to us to comply with the requirements, not to break the rules, and to be united for the measures taken by the state to be more productive and stop the spread of the virus. I am confident that together we will soon overcome this threat," I.N. Kamal said.







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